Antec P150 Silent ATX Case

For the last couple of years, I have been obsessed with keeping my personal rig silent, and have tried just about every type of noise dampening material, every brand of fan, a handful of enclosures, and a ton of different CPU coolers. So I'm always intrigued when a new product hits that has the word "Silent" somewhere in its description. Hardware-Review.Net has taken a look at the Antec P150 Silent ATX case, and it seems pretty cool.  I like the clean look, but the silver and white combo doesn't do it for me.

"Finding a computer case that's silent and chocked full of features is very challenging. Most modern case manufacturers focus on flashy acrylic UV windows, bright blue and red LEDs, and car-finish paint jobs. One company who broke from this mold is Antec when they developed their P150 case. This case isn't flashy by any means from looking at its exterior, but the hidden features inside were a huge eye-opener and something PC enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy."


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