Antec Debuts TruePower New Power Supplies

Looking for yourself a new power supply, huh? If so, Antec has a new series that just might be what the PC doctor ordered. The new additions in the TruePower lineup of power supplies improve upon their predecessors by introducing several advanced features for improved system efficiency, stability and reliability.

As expected, Antec has crafted these new PSUs to be as power efficient as possible, with the newcomers achieving the rare 80 PLUS Bronze certification of at least 82 percent efficiency at a wide range of operating loads. The 'TruePower New' Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC) also helps reduce electrical waste (and save money), while the industrial-grade safety circuitry helps protect your computer. As with prior TruePower models, these too include Active PFC and Universal Input to automatically adjust for 100V to 240V power grids. Unlike prior TruePower models, the new ones bring along features once reserved for the company's Signature Series such as a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fan which runs up to 50 percent quieter than traditional voltage-controlled fans, and high-quality Japanese capacitors for enhanced system reliability.

TruePower New will be made available in four different models: the 550-watt TP-550, the 650-watt TP-650, the 750-watt TP-750, and the TP-750 Blue with internal blue LED illumination. All four are engineered to support EPS12V v2.91 and ATX12V v2.3 systems, and the Advanced Hybrid Cable Management should help reduce cable clutter and improve airflow throughout the chassis. And yes, TruePower New is definitely NVIDIA SLI-Ready certified, so no worries there. Each model is backed by the company's five year warranty, and they are all available now at the following prices: $119.95 for the TP-550, $139.95 for the TP-650, $159.95 for the TP-750, and $169.95 for the TP-750 Blue.