Another Psystar Unboxed

When we first heard about Psystar and their Open Computer that could run OS X, we were understandably skeptical.  It didn’t help that numerous news agencies around the country were having difficulty tracking the company down.   But all of that is the past, Psystar is shipping units and a review site has finally gotten their hands on one.

While review sites that focus mostly on Apple products tend to be unimpressed with the overall unboxing and boot experiences, they are claiming that the machines deliver on what they promise:

“I’ve been impressed by how compatible the Psystar is with applications and peripherals—many of the OS X features work as they would on a legitimate Mac.  Look for Speedmark results for our Open Computer, as well as other interesting tidbits we come across, in the coming days.”

We'll keep you up to date when the performance numbers come in.
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