Another iPhone Lawsuit

You can nearly set your watch by the weekly Apple lawsuits, and future generations may count them to establish a sense of time between historic tech events in the same that way we count tree-rings to determine when natural disasters took place.

This week's lawsuit was filed on behalf of Klausner Technologies and asserts that the Visual Voicemail technology, a service from co-defendant AT&T that works with the iPhone, infringes on two of their patents.  This isn't the first time that we've reported claims of patent violations leveled at Apple's iPhone, but the damages being sought are worth mentioning as is the fact that Klausner has won similar law suits against other huge industry names before:

“Klausner is seeking damages and future royalties estimated at $360 million.

Owned by a group of private investors, the firm has successfully defended and then licensed the same patents to other industry heavyweights that provide visual voicemail services, including Time Warner’s AOL for its AOL Voicemail services and Vonage Holdings for its Vonage Voicemail Plus services.”

Klausner also filed separate lawsuits against other major players including Comcast, Cablevision, and eBay's Skype service.  We'll be sure to keep an eye on these lawsuits as they develop.  If Klausner is seeking similar restitution in all of these cases, the results could make a serious dent in the industry.
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