Another Front Opens In The Blu-ray / HD-DVD Wars

One or the other of the two high-definition formats has to get an edge eventually, doesn't it?  This might help Blu-ray. Panasonic has started shipping samples of the world's thinnest internal Blu-ray drive -- just 9.5 mm high.

Now available to PC manufacturers, the new sample 9.5 mm high BD drives, were accomplished by combining Panasonic's own technologies such as the low-profile, 2-lens actuator and spherical aberration compensation mechanism and an optimized optical design for CD, DVD and Blu-ray disc laser.Even with its 9.5 mm high thin profile, the new Panasonic BD drive features double speed reading and writing for both write-once BD-R and rewritable BD-RE discs. The product is also capable of reading and writing on BD-R DL (dual layer/50GB) and BD-RE DL discs and will be compatible with future organic pigment-type BDs.

The samples will show up at the CES show in Vegas upcoming in January. Maybe they'll have a price tag on the thing by then.
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