Anonymous Attacks Sony Over Lawsuit, Sony Yawns

The online protest group Anonymous launched a DDoS attack against Sony yesterday in retaliation for the company's recent legal activity. Sony has continued to pursue legal action against George Hotz, the onetime iPhone and PS3 hacker. Hotz landed in hot water for his efforts to restore the PS3's ability to run Linux; both he and the hacker group Fail0verflow have maintained that they do not condone or support game piracy.

The bombardment knocked offline for about thirty minutes. sony, meanwhile, has taken the group's threats seriously enough to retain Prolexic, an online security firm. According to the company's chief technology officer, Paul Sop,"The damage Anonymous does is real and they have a lot of people there."

ALL GLORY TO THE ANGRY CRAB: (Image credit goes to forum member "gzsfrk")

Sony brought this mess down on itself when it made the decision to remove Other OS from "fat" PS3's, but Anonymous' disruptive efforts are rather pointless. There are legal questions regarding Hotz's actions that need to be answered within the context of Sony's precipitating action. Bombarding Sony's websites is an unlikely way to change opinions or open dialog.