How To Farm Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tarantulas For Fun And Profit

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Many people would probably not be too thrilled to happen upon a tarantula in real life, but tarantulas can lead to major profit in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unfortunately, tarantulas can be a bit difficult to catch and can cause the player to pass out. With this in mind, here are some go the best ways to farm tarantulas in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Tarantulas are a rare bug that can be found between November and April in the game. They are active between 7pm and 4pm, but are the most active after 11pm. Tarantulas are particularly tricky to catch because their bite causes the player to faint. However, many consider tarantulas to be well worth the time and risk because they are worth 8,000 bells.

How to Make Your Own Tarantula Island

The best way to catch tarantulas is to set up traps on a deserted island. Players will first need to purchase a Nook Miles Ticket for 2000 Nooks. Once the player arrives on a deserted island, they will need to clear all of the resources from the area, including trees, rocks, flowers, weeds, and stumps. These resources encourage bug spawns, so their removal is essential. The player may still need to manually get rid of other bugs like mosquitoes. The resources can then be placed on the beach after they have been removed from the rest of the island.

Players will then want to dig trenches on the island. The player will then want to run to and jump over the trenches once a tarantula starts to chase them. The tarantula can jump over the lower areas of ramps, but they are unable to jump over trenches. The player can then more safely catch the tarantula with a net.

The player can still catch the tarantula without the trenches, but they will need to be more cautious. Players will need to approach their target as slowly as possible and halt if the tarantula shows signs of aggression. This method works, but is a bit riskier and more painstaking than the trenches method.

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Tips and Tricks for Farming Tarantulas

There are a couple of things to note that will make your tarantula-catching experience easier. First, this trick primarily works on bamboo islands. Bamboo islands are also flat and do not require any leveling; this feature will make it easier to catch tarantulas. The April update recently introduced the Giant Water Bug which spawns on islands on fresh water. Giant Water Bugs do not fly away if you get near to them, so players will need to catch them to get rid of them. The Giant Water Bugs can deter tarantula spawns, so bamboo islands are the player's best bet. If all else fails, Giant Water Bugs will still sell for 2,000 a piece.

Second, players can make more money if they sell their bugs to Flick. He occasionally visits the player’s island and will purchase bugs for 150% of their usual value. He will remain on the island for a full day-- 5am to 5am. Flick will even create a model of a specific bug if the player brings him three of the same bug. Who doesn’t want a tarantula model in their home?

Turnips are another great way to make bank in the game. Players can purchase turnips from Daisy and resell them for a profit. You can check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons turnip guide here.