Animal Crossing New Horizons Valentine's Day, Lunar New Year Limited Time Items Detailed

animal crossing valentines
Animal Crossing: New Horizons is closing in on its one-year anniversary since release in March of 2020, and Nintendo is finishing up the last several holiday-themed events that haven't yet happened in the game. There are actually three concurrent events happening right now, so it's time to get into town and check out everything that's available. We'll hit these from soonest to latest, to make it easy to prioritize what to buy from Nook Shopping either at the Automated Bell Dispenser machine inside Resident Services or on the Nook Shopping app available on your in-game Nook phone. 

First up, today is Valentine's Day, both in the game and in the real world. To commemorate this day of love an affection, Nook Shopping has several items available for order, and they might appear in gifts attached to balloons that fly through town or received rarely from your villager neighbors. These items are only available through the end of today, so it's time to fire up the Nintendo Switch and dive in to ACNH.

Valentines From Isabella

First up is the Chocolate Heart, which is a heart-shaped box available in a four colors: white, pink, dark brown, and light brown. Also available for purchase is one of six different Heart Bouquets in red, black, pink, white, yellow, and purple. The official Animal Crossing Twitter account says that Isabella has sent everybody something, so be sure to check the mail in-game, too. 

animal crossing festivale
The confetti machine is available at Nook's Cranny through Festivale, which is tomorrow

Viva La Festivale!

After Valentine's Day is Festivale, which happens tomorrow, February 15. This roughly translates to Festival or Mardi Gras, which is Tuesday the 16th. There's a boatload of furniture and other items available for purchase related to Festivale, and it's all available through the end of tomorrow. Here's the full list:
  • Festivale Balloon Lamp
  • Festivale Drum
  • Festivale Flag
  • Festivale Garland
  • Festivale Lamp
  • Festivale Parasol
  • Festivale Stage
  • Festivale Stall
Festivale also includes a parade float that will appear in the town square on Monday as part of the celebration. Be sure to celebrate in style with Festivale-themed shirts and dresses, and react appropriately with the Festivale Reactions pack available at the Nook's Cranny in town. The reactions are particularly fun, as one of them includes confetti. They're well worth the 19,800 bells to buy the whole pack. 

Happy Lunar New Year! 

animal crossing lunar new year 2

Lastly, the Lunar New Year is upon us, and Nintendo has added items to the game to help folks celebrate. As with the other events, the Nook Shopping app at the ABD or on the in-game phone is where you'll find them. The items available for purchase draw upon Chinese and Korean Lunar New Year traditions, and will be available for a limited time. Those items are the Bokjumeoni Lucky Pouch for 500 bells, the Lucky Red Envelope for 500 bells, and the Lunar New Year Decoration for 2,000 bells. Uncharacteristically, Nintendo hasn't said when these items will disappear from the Nook Shopping app, but seeing as there are only three items to pick up, completionists should be able to finish up their shopping quickly.