Angry Birds Star Wars Coming to the Big Screen For Consoles

While many of us are pretending to be mature, composed, and diffident instead of childishly gleeful about the impending release of Angry Birds Star Wars II on September 19th, there’s even more reason to get excited: Rovio will be releasing the game on consoles, so you can enjoy your Star Wars prequel adventures on the big screen as well as on mobile devices.

A YouTube video posted by RovioMobile shows that Angry Birds Star Wars II will be available for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii and Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. They’ll all be out on October 29th in the U.S. and globally on November 1st.

Angry Birds Star Wars II appears to be something of a big step for Rovio; in addition to the game being a shoe-in success following the first Angry Birds Star Wars’ estimated 100,000,000 downloads, Rovio will be offering 30 collectable “TELEPODS”--physical figures from the game, manufacturer by Hasbro, that users can set atop a pedestal and “teleport” into the game, Skylanders style.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

You’ll also be able to play for either the good guys or the “pork” side, and the Emperor will apparently be recruiting.