Android Wear Smartwatches Will Now Help Find Your Lost Smartphone

There's no shame in misplacing your smartphone. We've all done it, and though it seems incredibly careless given the (ridiculous) retail value of these devices, life happens. One way to track it down is to use Google's Android Device Manager, which has helped find 30 million misplaced phones and tablets to date. And if you're into the smartwatch scene, you'll also be able to find your lost device courtesy of Android Wear.

Google is adding Android Device Manager support to its Android Wear platform. So whether you stayed up late partying and can't remember where you put your smartphone, or if little Johnny got his hands on it and doesn't recall where he last had it, there's no need to panic.

Android Wear Find My Phone

"To use this new feature, just say ‘Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone,’ or select the ‘Find my phone’ option in the Start menu. Your phone will ring at full volume, and you’ll be that much closer to, well, finding your phone," Google explains.

There's nothing you need to do on your end to enable the feature -- it's rolling out to all Android Wear devices over the next few weeks, Google says. So in the meantime, be careful with your smartphone. Alternately, you can use third-party software like Where's My Droid to help find a lost handset.

As for your keys? You're on your own with that one.