Alleged Android TV Roadmap Leak Reveals Stadia Integration Coming In 2020

Most people have probably never heard of the International Broadcasting Convention that is held in Amsterdam each year. This convention is along the lines of CES or MWC, but the International Broadcasting Convention focuses on the TV industry. Google has attended the conference for years and was there again this year to talk about its Android TV ecosystem for 2019 and beyond.

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Some of the items that the roadmap lists are good things and others sound like annoyances that Android TV device users won't appreciate. For Android 10 this year, the roadmap lists things like an Assistant for operators EAP, or early access program, that is a place that allows companies to customize the Assistant with new phrases. The Play Store will be refreshed on these devices to match the design shown off at Google I/O 2019. An item on the roadmap for this year that fans probably won't like is a pilot program for homescreen and in-stream ads.

When Android 11 R/2020 turns up, Google is calling out a new "Hero" device with a next-gen smart home UX. Google is apparently bringing Google Lens and Android 10 live captions to Android TV. Next year will see homescreen and in-stream ad offerings expanded. Another key feature for 2020 is the integration of Google Stadia game streaming. Google Stadia will launch in November at $10 monthly with a Pro plan offered that includes a free game per month. The company is betting big on Stadia and is investing heavily in both its streaming hardware servers and content to ensure that gamers have enough AAA titles to keep them coming back for more. Google is also hoping to see 8,000 apps on the Play Store for Android TV in 2020.

When 2021 rolls around and brings Android 12 with it, Google wants Assistant for operators to improve build quality continuously. It also wants the Hero device program to advance next-gen devices. Nothing major is on the roadmap for 2021.