Google's Android P Launch Date Tipped For August 20

Android fans who have been wondering when they can get hands on the next flavor of Android have a date to look forward to. According to leaker Evan Blass, Android P will be launching on August 20. Blass tweeted an image of a calendar noting that fans might want to save the date. He didn’t give an indication of where this rumor was sourced.

android horn

Blass does have quite the track record of accurate rumor mongering. The one thing that we still don't know about Android P is what its official name will be. Some reports suggest that the "P" will stand for Pistachio Ice Cream, which doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. That could be an internal code name for this version of Android. Other rumored "P" names include Popsicle or Peanut Butter.

Some interesting features that coming on this version of Android including one to help you limit the amount of time that you spend with certain apps. This feature would allow users to put a 30-minute limit on Instagram for instance and after using it for that length of time the icon will be grayed out on your screen. If that feature can block the launch of the app it could be perfect for parents wanting to limit exposure to kids on certain apps.

Android P has a revamped Do Not Disturb mode dubbed Wind Down that will automatically place the phone in DND mode when it's bedtime to prevent you from being woke up. Google reportedly wants to disturb you less by not showing notifications that are unnecessary. The OS will prompt users when they consistently swipe notifications away to disable them for the app. Some other expected features include support for gesture navigation, a new AI functionality called Actions. Although Android P could be released later this month, it will likely be quite some time before it reaches "mass adoption" with the Android crowd. After 11 months of being available, Android Oreo hasn’t seen stellar adoption numbers with only 12% of users having moved to that version of the OS.