Android Messages Brings Browser Based Texting To Your Desktop Or Laptop PC

Android users who favor Android Messages as their default messaging application will be thrilled to hear that Google has begun the rollout of desktop browser support. That means that text messages can be sent and read on the PC. The rollout of the new feature will be staggered throughout the remainder of the week.

The web version of Android Messages will support text, images, and stickers giving the full experience from the desktop. The process for using the web version requires users to hit up the Android Messages website where you will find a QR code that creates a link between the smartphone and the desktop. You then scan that QR code with the appropriate section of the Messages app.

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Sometimes you don’t need to send a text to reply to a message, all you need to do is reply with a gif. Google has added a way to search for the ideal gif to convey your feelings by tapping the "+" button on the left side of the compose bar. Google is also adding Smart Reply.

That feature saves time when you are messaging on the go by suggesting quick text or emoji responses to messages. Smart Replies are only offered in English for now and will roll out for other languages over time. The ability to preview links inside the conversations is also added.

That means if someone flops a link into your text conversation, rather than just seeing the link and tapping it without really knowing what it is, you will now see a thumbnail and description of that link in the conversation. You can also now copy one-time passwords used for authentication with a single tap.