Android Founder Andy Rubin Eyes Return To Making Smartphones

The mobile market is flooded with smartphone makers, many of which are focused on Android handsets. Does it really need another one? That's up for debate, though if there's one person you'd want to see make a run at building Android phones, it would be Andy Rubin, who co-founded Android before it was purchased by Google. It may happen.

Known as the father of Android, word on the web is that Rubin has been talking about starting up a new phone company. Citing "people in the mobile industry," The Informant says Rubin has even tried recruiting talent for the proposed outfit, though no specific names have been thrown around.

Android Park

Should this come to fruition, the venture would likely receive startup capital from Playground Global, a company Rubin co-founded earlier this year that invests in startups and provides other resources. Back in October, Rubin said Playground Global closed a $300 million funding round, so there's plenty of capital to go around.

Rubin is obviously intimately familiar with Android. Even after Google bought the OS, Rubin stayed involved, leading the team that continued to develop Android into the dominant force it is today. He remain as such until 2013 when he handed the reins over to Sundar Pichai.

Even so, Rubin would face stiff competition from both ends of the spectrum. The smartphone market is a crowded place. If Rubin does go through with this, it will be interesting to see if he tries competing at the high end with premium devices or in the entry-level market.