Android Devices To Get Opera Mobile Browser Soon

Opera has confirmed plans to release a beta version of Opera Mobile for Android phones within a month. At this point, the software company hasn't given us a ton of details about what the new browser will offer, but it has confirmed that the beta version of Opera Mobile for Android will support pinch to zoom.

In addition to the Android announcement, Opera also announced plans to update Opera Mini for iPhone sometime this year. The update will deliver pinch to zoom support as well as hardware acceleration.

The current versions of Opera Mobile and Opera Mini have two levels of zoom. One for the full page width and one for zooming in to read the text. With the introduction of pinch to zoom you are in full control of the zoom level. Text redraws almost instantly at all zoom levels, so text will always look sharp and easy to read. All this without compromising the speed or data compression in Opera Mini and Opera Mobile!

Hardware acceleration allows Opera to run at lightning speed. Navigating a page, panning and zooming will be faster than ever. All this is made possible by taking full advantage of the GPU power available on your phone. Hardware acceleration allows us to do amazing things like pinch to zoom for all sites. It also allows a more fluid interaction between you and your phone, improving your browsing experience!