Android Apps On Chrome OS Land First On ASUS Flip Chromebook

The moment all Chromebook users have been waiting for has arrived! Well, at least those sporting ASUS Flip Chromebooks, as that seems to be the first destination for added support for apps found through Google's Play Store. If you're rocking an ASUS Flip, you'll need to enable the development channel in order to gain access, so it's not quite "public" yet.

We first learned of Google's Chromebook Play Store plans way back in April, which came to us in the form of a rumor. A mere month later, Google confirmed the feature at its I/O developer conference. Fast forward less than a month, and the ASUS Flip becomes the first Chromebook to enable the feature.

ASUS Flip Chromebook

The fact that the ASUS Flip becomes the first supported notebook for this came from Google employee François Beaufort on Google+. He notes that the Flip is just the first to support this (as we knew), and points us to a huge list of Chromebooks that will support the feature. We see many popular brands covered here, including Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and of course, Google itself with its Chromebook Pixel (2015).

If you own an ASUS Flip or simply want to prepare yourself for this feature better, you could enable development channel access on your own Chromebook. This requires you to sign into your Chromebook, going to the "About Chrome OS" section of the OS, then clicking the "Change Channel" button. Everything is self-explanatory from there.

At this point, there's no telling when this feature will be available on most Chromebooks, but it doesn't seem like the full rollout will take that much time from this point on.