Android Activations Top 850,000 Per Day, Google Says

In addition to new device announcements and technology reveals, some interesting revelations are coming out of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona this week. One of those is the number of Android activations that occur on a daily basis. According to Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google who oversees the development of Android, fans of the open-source platform are activating more than 850,000 devices every day.

"There are over 450,000 applications in Android Market. Some of the developers who built these apps are showing their latest and greatest in the Android stand. But the ecosystem doesn't sleep. Our partners have activated a total of 300 million Android phones! Currently they are activating over 850,000 phones and tablets per day," Rubin stated in a Google+ post.

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To put that kind of growth into perspective, it was only two months ago that Rubin said Android activations had breached 700,000 per day. And in April of last year, that number stood at 350,000.

Should Apple panic? Perhaps not. According to the latest data from Nielson, Android owns a majority 47 percent share of the smartphone market as of the fourth quarter of 2011, which is down from 60 percent in Q3 2011, Business Insider reported last month. Apple's iPhone 4S helped the Cupertino outfit close the gap by growing its market share from 26 percent in Q3 to 47 percent in Q4.

Still, if Android continues to grow at this pace, it shouldn't have much trouble maintaining a market share lead over it's Cupertino competitor.