Android 13 Update Rolling Out For Pixel Phones With Extensive Bugfix List

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Another day another update, and this one is a doozy from the Mountain View tech company Google. Android 13 just got its latest update and its change log and fixes list is massive. The update is already being made available worldwide for Pixel phones from Pixel 4 (XL) through Pixel 6a.

First, let's talk out the two major feature additions. Per-app languages, and themed icons. Pretty straightforward if you ask us. Android 13 users now have the option to enable a specific language on a per-app basis. This may seem strange, but there is legitimate usefulness here. Some apps are originally designed with a specific language in mind and sometimes direct translation tools will end up with items lost in translation This can include grammar or even visual representations of characters. So, if you're comfortable in the native language of the application it might be better to set it to that language for a more original experience.

themed icons
Google Pixel Themed Icon Help Page

Themed icons allow for icons on apps that support it to change colors so that they fit the overall color scheme of your phone's theme. Outside of these two items, there's not that much else new outside of a pretty hefty changelog, such as better thermal mitigation handling, fixes for issues with Pixel charging stand, and even a fix that caused charging to stop before reaching a true 100% charge. We'll list off the categories in which there are changes but there are a whopping 150 items in the fixes and change log. While there are some biometrics fixes, there is no word on whether the Pixel 6a "any fingerprint will do" issue has been resolved.

The fixes include the following categories.
  • Apps
    • 7 changes or fixes
  • Assistant
    • 1 change or fix
  • Audio
    • 3 changes or fixes
  • Battery & Charging
    • 7 changes or fixes
  • Biometrics
    • 10 changes or fixes
  • Bluetooth
    • 14 changes or fixes
  • Camera
    • 3 changes or fixes
  • Connectivity
    • 1 change or fix
  • Display & Graphics
    • 5 changes or fixes
  • Framework
    • 12 changes or fixes
  • Location & GPS
    • 2 changes or fixes
  • Media
    • 3 changes or fixes
  • NFC
    • 1 change or fix
  • Sensors
    • 6 changes or fixes
  • System
    • 10 changes or fixes
  • Telephony
    • 13 changes or fixes
  • Touch
    • 1 change or fix
  • User Interface
    • 42 changes or fixes
  • Wi-Fi
    • 9 changes or fixes

per app language
Google Pixel Per-App-Language Help Page

As we said, that is a huge list of changes. If you want to see the exact details of all of these, you can check them out on the official Google Pixel Phone community post.