Anand's XBox 360

Well it looks as though Christmas has come early as Anand has somehow managed to get his hands on an XBox 360. With roughly 20 games at launch and some bonus perks like enhanced Halo2 gameplay, and it appears as though this is the ideal solution for curing the post-Turkey Thanksgiving boredom. Like any reputable hardware junky, Anand wastes no time ripping the system apart and investigating the internals.

Microsoft has clearly announced to the public that it has designed the Xbox 360 from the ground up to thwart those who want to crack open the case -- even simply for a look inside. They have stated that the unit will be screwless (partially true) and be extremely difficult to disassemble -- unfortunately only partially true. With a few simple tools we were able to disassemble the entire unit, removing every component from the system without any damage.


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