Analyst Says Cheaper Apple iPhone May Be Coming This Summer

According to Apple Insider, analyst Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Markets believes that the rumors that Apple is planning a cheaper iPhone to compete in more price tiers of the mobile market are true.

The word comes from (where else?) sources in Apple’s supply chain, and the time frame for the launch of a less expensive iPhone as well as the upcoming iPhone 5S (or whatever Apple will call it) will be sometime in June or July. A ballpark estimate on the cost is anyone’s guess, but it should be at least below $400.

iPhone 5
This, but not as good

While we’d agree that Apple definitely would be wise to find a way to compete against less expensive Android handsets that are ravenously eating up market share, there’s a right way and a wrong way to pull that off. This alleged cheaper iPhone purports to have a plastic case instead of glass, and it won’t have a Retina display, but it will be the same size as the current iPhone.

Essentially, then, Apple would be making the same old iPhone, but with crappier parts. That’s probably the wrong way to compete.