An Online App Store For Your Bluetooth Headset

We're accustomed to seeing various apps and app stores for mobile phones, but this is something new: Bluetrek recently launched an online app store for its Bluetrek Crescendo Bluetooth headset. The Talk2Me App Store lets users upload applications and works to enhance the usage experience of the headset.

One of the applications available today is called Personal Handsfree Assistant, a service from Dial2Do that will read your emails and lets you reply to and send emails and text messages using your voice. Another offering, Bing411 voice search, provides easy access to stock quotes, sports scores, flight schedules, news, weather, and local traffic information from the 511 hotline.

The app store also provides language downloads that will change the voice command and voice prompt languages on the headset. Currently, English and French language packs are available, but German, Spanish, and Italian are coming soon.

Through the app store, users can also upload a firmware version with specially tuned audio for the mobile platform (Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, or Windows Mobile) he or she is using.