AMD's Xbox One Design Win with Microsoft Reportedly Valued at Over $3 Billion

Despite Intel’s dominance in the PC chip market, AMD is not going away; far from it. Talking to them at CES, you could tell the AMD folks had a plan, and apparently the Xbox One was part of it. AMD chips underpin the new consoles, and according to GameSpot, the deal AMD struck with Microsoft for the Xbox One is valued at over $3 billion.

Xbox One

Bob Feldstein, formerly AMD vice president of Strategic Development, had a (now deleted) note on his LinkedIn profile stating that AMD developed a “custom silicon solution” for the gaming console. “This required the coordination of multiple functional teams within AMD, as well as regular customer meetings with leadership teams responsible for handling the challenges of complex, multi-year deals”, he wrote.

Feldstein post

Feldstein, interestingly, is reportedly now at NVIDIA, serving as the vice president of Technology Licensing. According to GameSpot, NVIDIA confirmed that the post was actually written by AMD director of business information Ben Allen; it’s since been removed, although GameSpot snagged a screenshot of the post (pictured above).