AMD's Low Power Fusion Zacate APU Hands-On

Fusion has been a long time coming for AMD but it looks as if they may well have chosen the perfect entry point to release their first generation APU from the starting block.  The market is currently in what seems like a complete frenzy for anything to do with ultra-portable computing, from ultra thin and light notebooks, to netbooks and tablet PCs.  Consumers can't seem to get enough of the thin and sexy stuff and with AMD's first Fusion release, they've certainly chosen the right product segment to attack with a new low power processor.  

Back in the September time frame, we gave you a quick look at AMD's upcoming processor codenamed Zacate.  Targeted at light mobile platforms, Zacate is a dual core processor with an on board DX11 capable graphics core and from the early look we got back then, it was shaping up to make a splash.  

More recently, AMD invited us down to their Austin Texas facility to spend some quality hands-on time with Zacate.  Though we can't quite share performance details with you yet (still under NDA lock and key), we can give you a bit more detail and a first hand look at Zacate, its even lower-power sibling "Ontario" and the hyper-mobile platform that accommodates these new AMD CPUs that goes by the codename "Brazos.