AMD's Fluid Motion Frames Exits Beta To Bring Huge Performance Gains To Radeon GPUs

amd afmf hero
AMD Radeon GPU owners will get an extra performance boost thanks to AMD Fluid Motion Frames, or AFMF, which is a feature included in the release of AMD Software 24.1.1. AMD says that “in today’s latest update of AMD Software, you can immediately experience even higher frames in your games that were not possible before” thanks to AFMF. However, gamers will need at least RDNA 3 based GPUs and 700M-based APUs to access AFMF.

AFMF is a frame generation technology that is built and integrated into the AMD Software driver. It’s part of HYPR-RX2, which means Radeon users only need to enable HYPR-RX to get access to the new feature. It’s great to see that AFMF will be easy to enable and won’t require messing with too many settings, because it means more users will be able to use it regardless of their technical level.

amd afmf body

AMD is making some bold performance claims with AFMF, stating that gamers will “see up to a 97% average performance uplift in their FPS.” In a world where monitors are reaching ever higher refresh rates, this is a big boon for Radeon owners if the performance claims are accurate. One example shared by AMD is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on an RX 7600XT, where performance at 1080p on High settings jumps from 138FPS to 272FPS.

To enable all this extra performance, AMD says that gamers “can simply enable HYPR-RX right in the Home Tab when AMD Software opens to experience an easy, one-click solution.” After following these instructions AFMF will be available globally to all games. This is a welcomed boost to team Radeon as NVIDIA also continues to offer strong features to entice gamers.