AMD’s Bulldozer Unlike Anything You’ve Seen

While AMD is frantically trying to ramp up the speeds of their existing Phenom designs, we’re starting to get a slightly clearer picture of what the company plans on offering next.

AMD’s technical director of sales and marketing for EMEA, Giuseppe Amato, told Custom PC that ‘if I look at the next generation architecture of our CPU, then it will definitely not be, how can I say, comparable with the Phenom.  It will look completely different.’ Amato was unable to give us any specific details of the new architecture, but did add that it would ‘solve problems that today we think can never be addressed by hardware.’

We’re waiting with baited breath to discover what kinds of problems AMD is planning on solving.  One thing we can say about AMD is that they typically seem to find a way to release innovative and high-performing products, just when people start counting them out.

What kinds of computing problems would you like to see Bulldozer solve?
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