AMD4U Rewards Ryzen And Radeon RX Vega Owners With Free Square Enix Games

Chip designer AMD has partnered with games developer and publisher Square Enix to introduce AMD4U, a new program that will provide buyers of AMD products with a range of games from international independent developers. Most of the games that are being released through the program are part of the Square Enix Collective, an indie publishing program of Square Enix.


"Key elements of the partnership include direct participation at AMD’s consumer events around the world; alongside hardware, software, engineering support, and extended marketing partnerships with AMD’s OEM partners participating in the AMD4U program, including DELL, Alienware, HP, Lenovo and many more," AMD says.

The big question here is how do you score free games, and the answer is buy purchasing an AMD-powered PC from a range of participating OEMs. Once you validate your hardware, you will receive up to three free games from the entire Square Enix Collective portfolio. Titles include previously released games such as Black the Fall, Children of the Zodiarc, Deadbeat Heroes, Tokyo Dark, Oh My Godheads, along with the upcoming titles Fear Effect Sedna and Battalion 1944.

Battalion 1944

Out of those titles, Battalion 1944 is one of the bigger ones. It is an upcoming multiplayer first-person shooter that was initially announced by way of a Kickstarter campaign last year. AMD says the game is being developed using a combination of a Ryzen 7 1800X processor and Radeon Vega graphics card, and will be on show at upcoming events including GamesCom and EGX.

"There are many amazing indie developers around the world that are creating fantastic games, but they have not yet had their chance to shine. Through AMD and Square Enix partnering on AMD4U, both companies have set a mandate for helping to shine a light on these developers and their amazing games in order to help them reach their potential and bring their vision to the mass market," AMD said.

It is an interesting partnership, though outside of Battalion 1944, there is nothing here to get overly excited about. Still, it's nice to score free games, especially if you were already planning to buy an AMD system.