AMD Zacate E-350 Processor Performance Preview

Last week we brought you a detailed overview of AMD's first ever, fully integrated CPU-GPU combination born out of the company's "Fusion" technology initiative.  Dubbed the first ever APU or Accelerated Processing Unit, AMD's claimed goal is to offer a more balance and efficient low power platform for thin and light notebooks and netbooks.  The CPU codename is "Zacate" and the new mobile platform AMD has been developing, is internally referred to as "Brazos".  But we're sure you're not here to read buzz words and code names. The data we shared with you last week was pretty much everything we knew, short of performance metrics.  We know, no fun at all. AMD wanted that information held until today.

The version of the chip we looked at specifically was the higher-end 18 Watt chip that will be branded as the E-350 Fusion processor. This incarnation of Fusion goodness runs at 1.6GHz and does so quite nicely as you'll see...

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