AMD Unveils New Chip for HDTV-on-the-PC

AMD is enabling HDTV viewing on PCs around the world with the new ATI Theater HD 750. ATI Theater HD 750 is compatible with analog, and digital, and free-to-air broadcast signals. To deliver clear HD picture quality, crisp images, and high color performance and fidelity, the ATI Theater HD 750 uses advanced video processing and signal reception technologies.

ATI’s Theater HD 750 can capture and convert recorded TV into many popular formats, such as H.264, AVI, MPEG, DivX, WMV, and MPEG4 for use on portable media devices. When pairing the ATI Theater HD 750 with an ATI Radeon graphics card, you can use ATI Stream enabled video conversion software for fast and seamless transcoding.

AMD says PC users will be able to schedule TV records as well as watch, pause, and rewind live TV using Windows Vista Media Center, Windows XP Media Center Edition, and Windows 7. ATI expects the card to be available later this year in PCI Express add-in cards, USB, and other formats.

“ATI Theater HD 750 combines AMD’s longstanding reputation for video expertise with consumer demand for a cost effective, easy to use and high quality TV on the PC experience,” said Matt Skynner, Vice President & General Manager, GPU Division, AMD Products Group. “ATI Theater HD 750, in combination with ATI Radeon graphics and AMD mobile technology-based notebooks, provides a simplified, high-quality home-theater solution.”

Via:  AMD
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