AMD to Fab NVIDIA Parts?

The Inquirer has posted a brief but very interesting rumor in which AMD is supposedly talking with NVIDIA over a possible relationship where the company's unused Feb 30 plant could be used to produce NVIDIA parts. Given the history and success the two company have shared over the years with the nForce platform, it is easy to make an argument why this partnership could realistically happen. However, given the recent market share gains into the lucrative Intel platform as of late it would seem that NVIDIA would be shooting themselves in the foot. Looking at the Intel-exclusive Dell and their latest involvement with NVIDIA for both GPU's and chipsets (for Quad-SLI), it seems logical to assume that business relationship would die overnight should Intel be upset by any close partnership between NVIDIA and AMD. Off hand, I can't think of any vendors that would willingly throw away a business deal with a vendor of Dell's magnitude as it would surely offer an obscene amount of revenue.

People are worried about useless capacity, 90nm parts with no buyers, etc etc. Well the answer is quite simple, make Nvidia parts there, we hear talks continue.
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