AMD Readies Big Hardware Updates For Computex, Powerful Fenghuang 15FF APU Spotted

AMD is brewing something up for Computex that enthusiasts will want to pay attention to. The chipmaker has sent out emails with a bit of detail about the press conference it will have at the show. That conference will take place on June 6th in Taipei and AMD wants folks to pay attention to the conference, despite not really saying what it will be about.


What we do know from the email is that AMD is promising hardware demos that have never been seen and is promising to showcase its innovation and leadership. That sounds a lot like new hardware and rumors point to new gear in the Radeon Vega Mobile high-performance hardware segment and likely second-generation Ryzen Threadripper processors.

AMD's email says that the one-hour long event will feature:

  • Updates on current and upcoming AMD products by AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su and Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computing and Graphics Business Group, Jim Anderson
  • Appearances by AMD technology partners
  • Never-before-seen AMD hardware demonstrations and new details showcasing AMD high-performance leadership and innovation

One of the hardware products many expect to get more detail on is the AMD Fenghuang 15FF graphics equipped APU that turned up on 3DMark recently. The big takeaway from that 3DMark run is that AMD's hardware was faster than Intel's Kaby Lake-G Vega Graphics chip reports WCCFTech. The processor is thought to be a Zen+ based APU with quad cores running eight threads with a 3.0GHz base clock.

graphics bench

The GPU portion of that chip has a 1200MHz (2.4GHz effective) clock along with 2GB of HBM2. Benchmarks also show 28 computing units and 1792 stream processors. AMD fans will be glad to hear that in the benchmarks the Fenghuang chip handily destroys the benchmarks of the Intel Core i7-8809G processor that packs in RX Vega M GH graphics. That Intel part is the fastest of the chips with Intel and AMD hardware inside. We will definitely be looking forward to what AMD shows off at Computex next week.