AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X, 3970X, 3990X Zen 2 CPU Launch Dates Allegedly Confirmed

AMD Ryzen Threadripper
In just a matter of weeks, AMD will unveil its third-generation Ryzen Threadripper series, starting with a 24-core/48-thread CPU based on its Zen 2 architecture. That's about all we know from an official standpoint. Unofficially, we have some Threadripper model names and specific release dates to share.

Starting with the 24-core/48-thread part, a recent entry in the Ashes of the Singularity (AOTS) benchmark database suggests it will be dubbed Threadripper 3960X. As to the release date, and other SKUs, the folks at Videocardz claim to have obtained "highly confidential documents" from a source at AMD.

Third Generation Ryzen Threadripper Models And Launch Dates

Those documents indicate the Threadripper 3960X will be announced on November 5, followed by a release to retail on November 19. That's also when an embargo on reviews will be lifted.

AMD will formally introduce two other third-gen Threadripper SKUs on November 5, those being the Threadripper 3970X and Threadripper 3990X, according to the documents. Incidentally, there is no mention of a Threadipper 3980X, so it remains to be seen if such a chip is planned.

Here's how things will shake out, according to the leaked docs...
  • Threadripper 3990X: Launches 11/5/19, goes on sale in January 2020
  • Threadripper 3970X: Launches 11/5/19, goes on sale 11/19/19
  • Threadripper 3960X: Launches 11/5/19, goes on sale 11/19/19
Core counts and clockspeeds have not been revealed, other than what we already know about the 3960X. Based on that, here's how things could shake out...
  • Threadripper 3990X: 48 cores and 96 threads or 64 cores and 128 threads
  • Threadripper 3970X: 32 cores and 64 threads
  • Threadripper 3960X: 24 cores and 48 threads
In addition, AMD is said to be unveiling its TRX40 chipset on November 5. If true, we can expect a bombardment of motherboard announcements by AMD's hardware partners at that time as well.

As for pricing, barring a last minute change, AMD previously announced the Threadripper 3960X will debut at $749. The other two entries will obviously be priced higher, but we'll have to wait and how it all ends up.