AMD Ryzen 5 2500U ‘Raven Ridge’ Mobile APU Spotted With Vega GPU

During AMD's earnings call earlier this week amidst all the talk of booming Ryzen and Radeon sales, AMD CEO Lisa Su took the time to point out that AMD was still in Ryzen's "early innings." AMD has more desktop Ryzen parts to ship in the coming months, and Ryzen mobile processors are set to hit retail in time for holiday shopping. A new leak shows what's going on with AMD's mobile parts, in what is alleged to be a Ryzen 5 2500U quad-core APU.

This would be the first time a leak hinting at any details of the "Raven Ridge" Ryzen 2000 series parts has turned up. This particular Ryzen 2500U (the "U" designator is believed to be for mobile parts) chip is notable because it is claimed to feature integrated Radeon Vega graphics. The image listing the specs claims the GPU is an AMD 1500 unit and the APU itself rocks quad-cores and the ability to handle eight threads. This part is thought to be one of the Ryzen mobile parts that will hit stores in time for Christmas shopping.


The benchmarks listed in the image above are from the Ashes of Singularity benchmark using the standard 1080p preset. The Ryzen part scored 500 points, which is certainly not stellar performance. These benchmarks, however, represent an early run for the AMD part and perhaps improved performance will come before launch.

It could also be that the Ryzen 5 2500U is meant more as a multimedia entertainment part. AMD has promised some Ryzen mobile parts that are appropriate for gaming, which would have to perform better than this part.

Ryzen Mobile Performance

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the leaked benchmarks and specs; most notably, we have no idea what notebook was being used in the tests. We already know that AMD plans to integrate Ryzen CPU architecture with Vega GPU architecture, so it's nice to get a early look at what AMD is cooking up on this front. 

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