AMD Rumored To Bundle Star Wars Battlefront With Next Gen Fiji Radeon Cards

It's no secret that NVIDIA does a great job of bundling in some epic games to help it move graphics cards -- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the latest example. Meanwhile, in recent years, AMD has largely targeted odd games that don't appeal to a wide audience, or has given gamers a choice of one or more outdated games -- that's just not as appealing as a brand-new AAA title.

Well, with its upcoming Radeon lineup, AMD might finally have a game on offer that's going to settle the deal for many: Star Wars Battlefront. The original Battlefront games became cult classics, and a reboot is something that was demanded from gamers long in advance of an actual announcement. The hype for this game is simply enormous, so if AMD did in fact score a deal with the publisher to bundle the game in, it's going to be major.

Star Wars Battlefront (2015)

The game reportedly won't be bundled with every card in the upcoming line-up; instead, it could be attached to the R9 390X and R9 380X, as well as the HBM-equipped Fiji XT cards. So, you're going to have to spend to get the free game, but if you look at it from the perspective that you'd be taking $60 off the value of the card (if you wanted the game anyway), it could look even more alluring.

Rumors surrounding AMD's upcoming lineup have been all over the place, and it's hard to believe everything we read. What does seem credible is that most of AMD's next lineup will be rebranded parts from the previous generation -- only the Fiji parts will be brand-new. While it'd be unfortunate to see AMD once again go the rebrand route, it's not hard to understand why it might have had to. Its Fiji cards are enormously ambitious, and could prove to be exactly what's needed to once again get AMD to become serious competition with NVIDIA. We can't wait for these cards to drop.

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