AMD Reveals Ryzen 7000 Dragon Range And Phoenix Mobile CPU Surprise Amidst Record Earnings

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AMD just disclosed its Q1 financial results and revealed some interesting details regarding future products, including previously unannounced Zen 4-based Dragon Range and Phoenix mobile processors. The latest financial news was all good for AMD, with record revenue and growth across multiple business units. There were, however, some changes made to how AMD is reporting results, due to the recent closing of its Xilinx acquisition. In fact, six weeks of Xilinx revenue were included in AMD's Q1 results. Due to this addition, AMD’s Q1 2022 results do not map to the previous guidance we provided for the quarter, but data sans Xilinx revenue was also provided for clarity.

Key details from AMD’s financial result disclosures included:
  • Q1 Results
    • Record quarterly revenue of $5.9B, an increase of 71% y/y and 22% q/q
      • Street revenue estimate for Q1 based on analysts who have updated their models to include the partial quarter of Xilinx is $5.5B
    • Gross Margin of 53%
      • An increase of 660 bps y/y and 240 bps q/q driven by higher EPYC server processor revenue and addition of Xilinx
    • Record quarterly non-GAAP net income was $1.6B
      • Up 148% y/y and 42% q/q
    • Record quarterly non-GAAP EPS was $1.13
      • Up 117% y/y and 23% q/q
Excluding the Xilinx additions, AMD’s Q1 results are still strong:
    • Revenue increased 55% y/y and 10% q/q to $5.3B
      • We guided revenue to increase 45% y/y to $5B
    • Gross margin was 51%, up 480 bps y/y and XYZ bps q/q
      • We guided to 50.5%
AMD also provided some updated guidance that incorporates new business as a result of the Xilinx acquisition. To quickly summarize, AMD expects Q2 revenue to be approximately $6.5B (+/- $200 million), which is an increase of approximately 69% year over year. And AMD expects full year 2022 revenue to be approximately $26.4 billion, an increase of approximately 60% over 2021, due in no small part to the increased margins associated with Xilinx’s higher server and semi-custom revenue. This is a massive increase from prior guidance of approximately 31%.

AMD Zen 4 Dragon Range, Phoenix, And Xilinx Integration

In addition to the financial disclosures, AMD also revealed some information regarding future products. In her prepared remarks, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su mentions future processors with integrated Xilinx technology. “As one example, we are integrating Xilinx’s differentiated AI engine across our CPU product portfolio to enable industry-leading inference capabilities,” Dr. Su said, “with the first products expected in 2023.”

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Along with that news, AMD’s Robert Hallock also officially announced two new Zen 4-based Ryzen 7000 series mobile processors – Dragon Range and Phoenix. We caught wind of Phoenix quite a while back, but Dragon Range was a bit of a surprise.

Both Phoenix and Dragon Range will leverage AMD’s upcoming Zen 4 architecture. Both chips will offer PCI Express 5 and support for LPDDR5 memory, though it wasn’t clear if DDR4 would also be supported. Phoenix will have a 35-45 watt TDP range and target thin-and-light gaming notebooks with z-heights less than 20mm. Dragon Range, however, will be a more powerful CPU, with a 55W+ TDP range, for enthusiast-class, high-end gaming and creator-focused notebooks.

Hallock also noted that Dragon Range will have the highest core and thread counts, and the most cache, for a mobile gaming processor, but actual specifications and details weren’t disclosed.