AMD reportedly to launch Geode LX 900 for UMPCs

DigiTimes has the scoop on an new low-power AMD processor targeted at the Ultra Mobile PC market. The LX900 will reportedly be x86 compatible and run at 667MHz.  Power consumption numbers were not readily available, but considering the LX800 which runs at 800MHz consumes about 3.9W, it shouldn't be too high.  In the UMPC market, however, every fraction of a watt counts...

"AMD is said to be launching the Geode LX 900 CPU with a clock speed of 667MHz in an attempt to boost its share in the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) market, where competitors Intel and VIA Technologies are already selling processors with clock speeds of 1GHz or above, according to market sources. VIA's C7-M and Intel's Core Duo series feature processors which are faster than AMD's current fastest CPU in the sector, the 500MHz Geode LX 800. The sources claim that AMD will replace LX 800 with LX 900, but they did not indicate a timeframe for the launch."
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