AMD Pokes Fun Of NVIDIA's Fermi GPU Heat Output In "The Misunderstanding" Video

NVIDIA has never been a company to shy away from a fight, even if that fight is very public. The company has been battling with Intel off and on again over the past couple of years, with comics and harsh words from NVIDIA's CEO leading the way. But for as confident as NVIDIA is about their company, their hardware and their software, we have always heard that there's nothing quite like getting a taste of one's own medicine.

AMD's processors haven't exactly been the coolest bunch; the Neo platform in particular can warm an ultraportable up in rapid fashion, but the company has nicely dodged that in a new short film aimed directly at NVIDIA's graphics business. AMD vs. NVIDIA has been another longstanding battle, and things just got taken up a notch today. AMD clearly poured significant funds and effort into the video below, simply titled "The Misunderstanding." We won't spoil the plot or ending for you, but let's just say there are a few choice one-liners littered throughout the production that will certainly make some folks over at NVIDIA raging mad. Or, should we say, "hot and bothered?" Click play on the video below to see AMD's take on NVIDIA's hotter-than-ever Fermi GPU family.

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