AMD Maui Platform Bundles Hit Newegg

Over the past few months, we have shown you sneak peeks of AMD’s Home Theater PC platform, codenamed Maui, on a couple of different occasions. Essentially, Maui consists of a low-power AMD Phenom or Athlon X2 processor, an AMD 780-series (or higher) IGP, an ATI TV-Tuner and AMD’s Live media center software elements.

Currently, MSI’s Media Live DIVA 5.1 motherboard, that has D2's programmable audio chip onboard to allow 5.1 amplified output, is the foundation of Maui (a 7.1 channel pre-amp output card is also an option).


It’s definitely an interesting motherboard to say the least, and we’ve got a review forthcoming, but we also wanted to let you know that Newegg is already offering bundles with various combinations of motherboard, processor, and MCE remote.

If you’re already familiar with AMD’s Maui platform and want to check out what kind of deals are available on the hardware, you can find Newegg’s bundles right here.

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