AMD Lays Off 100 Workers

According to York Region News, AMD has just given 100 Canadian employees their walking papers.  In this competition between AMD and Intel, both sides have been cutting workers to try to improve their positions as they continue to fight for top-dog status.  While Intel hasn't recently absorbed another major company the way AMD did when they brought ATI into the fold, it might be that this gives AMD an easier time trimming employees in the short run.

"A sputtering start to 2007 has resulted in more than 100 layoffs at Markham's Advanced Micro Devices. AMD, a leading chipmaker and Silicon Valley archrival of Intel, has been forced to operate much leaner as spending soared as quickly as the California company's debt. The result: 375 employees from AMD's 16,000-strong global workforce have been handed their walking papers. Nearly half of those were former ATI Technologies workers."