AMD Launches Radeon HD 7000M Series With Enduro Graphics Switching

New graphics, you say? Yep, AMD's got it, as today they're introducing a new Radeon HD 7000M series with one major leap in innovation that has us tickled: Enduro graphics-switching technology. The new line includes the Radeon HD 7900M, HD 7800M, and HD 7700M, and Enduro allows these cards which automatically and seamlessly switches between integrated graphics and the Radeon discrete GPU, depending on system or application requirements. The goal here is to maximize battery life, not surprisingly, and it's all based on the company's latest 28nm process technology. There's DirectX 11.1 support, not to mention AMD power gating technology, which dynamically shuts down portions of the GPU when not in use, powering them back up when workloads increase, and AMD ZeroCore technology, which effectively powers the GPU down to a virtually zero-watt state when the AMD Radeon HD 7000M Series GPU switches to inactive mode.

Amazingly, this stuff is engineered to work with Intel and AMD CPUs / APUs, but there's no word yet on exact pricing and ship dates. Here's a bit from the company to get you even more excited:

"Three years ago AMD set out to push the graphics boundaries on notebook computers, and since then we've done exactly that with each of our mobile launches," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, GPU Division, AMD. "With our latest AMD Radeon HD 7000M Series GPUs, we've introduced one of AMD Graphics' most technologically advanced single-GPU notebook graphics processor ever, brought GCN to the mobile market, and introduced AMD Enduro technology, a cutting-edge solution that radically merges power efficiency with performance."
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