AMD Launches New Llano-based Desktop, Notebook APUs

Rumor has it that we'll see the first chips based on AMD's upcoming Trinity APU before too long, but the company isn't done with Llano quite yet. There's a fresh set of desktop and notebook chips based on the first-generation APU, though most of the changes are fairly minor.

The big news in desktops is the introduction of new K-series parts that feature unlocked CPUs and GPUs for simultaneous and separate overclocking. We're unsure how much traction these parts are likely to gain, given that overclocking a mobile GPU isn't going to provide much of a performance boost. The new 3870K is a 3GHz CPU with a 100W TDP, no Turbo Core, and a 600MHz GPU. The new chip is a small step forward compared to the A8-3850, which runs at 2.9GHz with the same 100W TDP.

There's also the A8-3820, a locked chip with a 2.5-2.8GHz clockspeed and a 65W TDP. Again, that's a small improvement over the current A8-3800 (65W TDP, 2.4-2.7GHz clockspeed). Clearly Llano yields are improving and TDPs are coming down--just not very quickly.

The new mobile parts are aimed at improving AMD's competitive positioning. The new "MX" family increases TDPs from 35W to 45W while boosting clock speeds. These modest bumps don't redefine Llano's performance in any area, but they imply modest improvement to manufacturing yields and give any remaining AMD enthusiasts a new unlocked part to play with.
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