AMD Instinct MI325X With HBM3E And Next-Gen CDNA Roadmap Details Revealed

amd instinct mi325x hero
AMD disclosed a plethora of details during the Computex 2024 opening keynote regarding upcoming desktop and mobile processors in the Ryzen 9000 and Ryzen AI 300 families, respectively, along with a new dual-slot Radeon Pro W7900WS to facilitate multi-GPU configurations in professional workstations. In addition to these consumer and workstation disclosures, however, AMD also revealed the upcoming Instinct MI325X, a follow-up product to the highly successful MI300X, with double the memory, destined for AI and HPC workloads in data centers. Some additional AMD Instinct roadmap tid-bits were also revealed.

amd instinct 8 way server

At its foundations, the AMD Instinct MI325X is similar to the MI300X, which AMD is keen to point out is the fastest ramping product to $1B in the company’s history. Although specific details regarding GPU speeds and core counts weren’t disclosed, we suspect the MI325X has a similar GPU configuration to the MI300X, but it’s paired to faster and higher-capacity HBM3E memory. The MI300X is outfitted with 192GB of HBM3 memory, whereas the MI325X has 288GB of HBM3. That HBM3 memory is also clocked higher and offers over 6TB/s of peak bandwidth, which is a 13% bump over the 5.3TB/s of the MI300X.

All of that additional memory and memory bandwidth effectively improves the MI325X’s compute performance as well. By keeping more data closer to the GPU, and feeding that data into the chip faster, GPU resources are more effectively and more efficiently utilized, which results in higher realized performance. We asked if there were any tweaks made to the GPU clocks or configuration and didn’t get a clear answer, so it’s still possible the MI325X is beefed up in other ways as well.

amd instinc mi300x hero

Considering the success of the MI300X, the more powerful MI325X with its significant memory updates will likely be gobbled up in droves. The market has an insatiable appetite for AI and HPC compute at the moment, and we expect that the MI325X will probably be AMD’s next major success when it arrives later this year.

As for next year (and the year after that), AMD also revealed that it plans to release new Instinct accelerators based on next-gen architectures on an aggressive, yearly cadence. After the MI325X – which is based on the CDNA 3 architecture – a CDNA 4 based MI350 series of accelerators will arrive in 2025, built using a more advanced 3nm process node, packing 288GB of HBM3E memory, and support for FP4 and FP6 data types, and will reportedly offer a 35x increase in AI inference performance compared to CDNA 3. The AMD Instinct MI350x accelerator will be the first product to use CDNA 4. Then, In 2026 a CDNA 5 based series of accelerators will arrive, but AMD didn't provide any details on that one other than to say it will be branded the MI400.