AMD FX-60 in January?

The Inquirer is reporting that gaming enthusiasts can rejoice with a late Christmas present from AMD in the way of launching their new flagship Athlon FX-60 processor in January. Without question, this will be the fastest gaming processor on the planet at that time. If you're dying to give that new GeForce 7800GTX or Radeon X1800XT some relief from any CPU bottlenecks, you'd best start saving those pennies now.

THE AMD FX-60 is due out in the second week of January. Preliminary reports are that it will be a decent overclocker, early samples went to almost 3GHz on air, with little or no tweaking. If you couple it with the new NVidia 7800/512 cards, you will be easily able to break the 15K barrier in 3DMark05.


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