AMD Engineers Reportedly 'Dancing in the Aisles'

Charlie from the Inq is reporting that engineers at AMD are 'dancing in the aisles' because a new stepping of the company's Barcelona core turned out much better than expected.  The memory controller supposedly turned out very well and initial CPU clock speeds will be higher than originally planned.

"AMD is doing something that we haven't seen a chip company do in a long time, sandbagging its official roadmaps.

A while ago we told you about the intended launch frequencies, basically 1.9-2.5GHz, but that was before B0 parts came back."

There's no video footage of AMD engineers doing the cabbage-patch at their headquarters, but this is an interesting rumor nonetheless.  We can say that reps from AMD have been talking more openly as of late and they have been exuding much more confidence.  I guess we'll all know more soon enough.
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