AMD Demonstrates Next Generation 28nm Graphics Processor

At the Fusion 2011 event taking place in Taipei, Taiwan, AMD’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Graphics Division, Matt Skynner, showed off a working, next-gen mobile GPU, manufactured using TSMC’s 28nm process node.

To anyone that follows AMD’s and NVIDIA’s typical GPU cadence, it should come as no surprise that 28nm GPUs are on the horizon, but seeing working silicon in action in a large public venue, running an actual game, is an obvious good sign.

Next-Gen AMD 28nm Mobile GPU In Action

Although they were just shown publically today, AMD has actually had 28nm GPU samples up and running for a while now. In fact, the pictures you see here are of one of AMD’s mobile reference platforms, and the GPU sitting under that heatsink is a 28nm part. We took these pics almost a month ago.

We’ll have more news regarding AMD’s 28nm GPUs soon enough. For now, enjoy the pictures. And for your reading pleasure, the full press release is below.

AMD Demonstrates Next Generation 28nm Graphics Processor at Fusion 2011

TAIPEI, Taiwan – October 5, 2011 – At Fusion 2011, AMD (NYSE:AMD) today demonstrated its next generation graphics processor, based on the cutting-edge 28 nm process technology. The demonstration was delivered by Corporate Vice President and General Manager of AMD’s Graphics Division, Matt Skynner, as part of his keynote titled, “Enabling the Best Visual Experience.” Skynner demonstrated a notebook-based version of AMD’s 28 nm next-generation graphics processor delivering a smooth, high-resolution game experience while playing Bioware’s popular role-playing title, Dragon Age 2.

“AMD strives to be at the forefront of every key inflection point in graphics technology, as demonstrated by our leadership in everything from process node transitions, to adoption of the latest graphics memory,” said Skynner. “Our pace-setting transition to the 28nm process node, coupled with new innovations in our underlying graphics architecture, is already generating excitement among the ODM community here in Taipei this week.”

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