AMD Catalyst 15.7 WHQL Drivers Bring FreeSync To Multi-GPU Configurations

The latest update of AMD’s Catalyst drivers has arrived, bringing with it support for Windows 10 and FreeSync support for AMD’s multi-GPU CrossFire technology. That’s great news for gamers who ploughed serious cash into their multi-GPU systems, but this driver update has something for everyone.

AMD’s Windows 10 support is arriving well ahead of the July 29th release date for Microsoft’s fresh new OS and DirectX 12. If you’re testing out Windows 10 via the Technical Preview, AMD recommends updating the OS preview before updating your graphics driver to Catalyst 15.7.

lg freesync 5
LG 34UM67 AMD FreeSync Monitor

The FreeSync fix means that you can now enjoy FreeSync even if your system has multiple GPUs connected with AMD CrossFire. (It doesn’t support Dual Graphics technology, which combines a system’s accelerated processor (APU) with a discrete graphics card.) AMD’s FreeSync technology, when enabled and used with a monitor that supports it, reduces stuttering and broken frames in games by syncing the GPU output with the monitor.

Catalyst 15.7 also brings with it expanded Virtual Super Resolution (VSR) support and Frame Rate Target Control. VSR improves graphics by boosting them to larger resolutions than your monitor supports and then resizing them. Frame Rate Target Control is used to put limits on frame rates to reduce power consumption and heat.

The update also fixes several known issues, including stuttering in Dragon Age Inquisition and MSAA issues in Star Trek Online. Some issues remain, including one that affects The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but then, if you’re enabling HairWorks on and AMD-geared system, the minor performance hit is on you.

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