AMD Beats The Street On Q1 Financials With Strong Console APU Sales

You have to love these financials reports; they treat every bit of data with roughly equal weight, even though there are parts that are uninteresting and parts that make you do a double-take. Case in point, buried halfway down the page on AMD’s press release about its Q1 results is the tidbit that its Graphics and Visual Solutions revenue jumped a whopping 118% year-over-year.

Unsurprisingly, that’s largely due to the company’s semi-custom APUs which are found in, for example, both the Xbox One and the PS4. That number was also nudged upward a bit by sales of AMD’s Radeon R7 and R9 GPUs (check out our reviews here and here).

Sony PS4

All told, AMD had an operating loss of $20 million year-over-year but also saw revenue of $.14 billion for the quarter, which represents a 28% increase from Q1 2013.

"AMD continued our momentum by building on the solid foundation we set in the second half of 2013, further transforming the company," said Rory Read, AMD president and CEO in a statement. "Backed by our powerful x86 processor cores and hands-down best graphics experiences, we achieved 28 percent revenue growth from the year-ago quarter. We are well positioned to continue to grow profitably as we diversify our business and enable our customers to drive change and win."