AMD Announces Price Cuts

AMD has slashed prices on many of their processors, with some mid- to high-end models getting the largest discounts. Digitimes has the scoop on the entire line-up...

According to AMD's website, pricing for high-end Athlons, including the FX series, X2 5600+ and 5400+ remains unchanged, while the X2 5200+ saw a hefty cut from US$403 to US$295. Reductions continue down the rest of the range with prices falling around US$25 at the top of the scale to around US$15 at the bottom. The price of the single-core Athlon 64 3800+ also fell from US$108 to US$101, however, the price of the slower 3500+ remained unchanged. Prices for the lowest speed CPU, the Athlon 3200+ is no longer posted on AMD's website. Pricing for the lowest-end Sempron processors also fell with the 3200+ being reduced from US$67 to US$51, and the 3000+ (both 256KB and 128KB L2 cache versions) falling from US$56 to US$41 all in units of 1000.

If you've been waiting for AMD to drop prices before making a move, it looks like now's the time. $295 for a 5200 that will likely overclock to 2.9-3.0GHz is a pretty good deal.

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