AMD and Raptr Take on NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience with New AMD Gaming Evolved Utility

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we suspect some of the folks at NVIDIA are feeling extremely flattered right now. Today, at GPU14 Tech Day, AMD unveiled the AMD Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr.

Like NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience tool, the AMD Gaming Evolved utility gives AMD graphics card owners the ability to easily optimize their in-game settings with customized, optimal game profiles. Users of the utility will also accumulate real-life and digital rewards and will have the ability to live stream their games via Twitch and more. The goal of the utility is to provide a simple, more console-like experience for PC gamers, looking to optimize the look and/or performance of their games without having to manually fiddle with complicated in-game menu systems.

“We believe we’re taking a big step in improving the PC gaming experience for the masses,’” said Dennis Fong, CEO, Raptr. “Combining AMD’s expertise in hardware and performance with Raptr’s already popular desktop app and 18+ million community was a perfect fit.” The AMD Gaming Evolved utility leverages RAPTR’s existing user-base to determine the optimal game settings for a number of popular games, to simplify the optimization process for less tech savvy gamers. According to RAPTR’s CEO, a game’s optimal settings are determined using system and game data captured from millions of PC profiles stored in Raptr's Cloud, combined with extensive testing of various combinations of GPUs, CPUs, and resolutions.

The AMD Gaming Evolved utility will scan a system looking for supported games and using the data gathered by Raptr, will automatically tweak the game’s settings for optimal image quality or performance, based on the hardware which resides in the system.

“We’ve watched Raptr build a hugely successful platform and it’s clear that they understand what gamers want,” said Matt Skynner, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. “The Gaming Evolved App Powered by Raptr allows our users get the most out of their gaming rigs while tapping into a thriving community where they can share their experiences and get rewards.”

As of today, the utility supports about 20 games, but we’re told more will be added weekly. If you’d like to give the tool a try, the AMD Gaming Evolved App is now available in open beta and downloadable here.