AMD AM2 - What Went Wrong

What at one time seemed like the hot new CPU technology to own, AMD's AM2 has turned out to be somewhat of a dud since it's release. While AMD has delivered improved performance and features, the new socket hasn't been what many had hoped. XYZ Computing has decided to delve into the many reasons why AMD's AMD has failed to excite.

"OK, a platform can't perform too well, but the success of 939 meant that in order to top it AMD would have to do bring something really innovative. They were clearly unable to do so (or did not intend to) so most 939 owners were never inclined to upgrade. The strong performance of 939, the availability of cheap processors and great motherboards, and the overclockability of most systems meant that convincing people to upgrade has been difficult. A new system would require a new motherboard, memory, and a CPU in the very least, possibly more if the user was upgrading from a Pentium 4 or Athlon XP. For much less money it would be possible just to move an existing 939 system to a dual core processor or add more memory to get a performance increase of a few percentage points."
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