AMD 4x4 Supports 4 GPU's

Fudo over at The Inquirer reports that AMD's upcoming "4x4" platform will support no less than 4 discrete graphics cards. Here, AMD has called upon NVIDIA for a chipset to power the platform and has been provided with the nForce 680a. This chipset is comprised of a traditional north and southbridge pairing which provides enough PCIe lanes to support 2 PCIEx16 and 2 PCIEx8 slots. Supposedly, the chipset itself is nothing more than two nForce 590SLI chipsets on a single motherboard, though additional features such as hardware router functionality will help keep the hype machine well lubed and running.

Here is the answer to a big question which has bothered many of our readers. Although 4x4 uses the Opteron processor socket "F", it will not use registered ECC memory. Athlon 64 FX-70/72/74 will ask for regular DDR2 memory modules, with Corsair, Geil and OCZ offering blazingly fast memory for the system. Corsair will get some preference in reviews due to the fact that it sports the so-called "Enhanced Performance Profile", also known as SLI Memory. This was co-developed by Corsair and Nvidia.

And of course we told you some of this already, right here.  You were paying attention, right?  ;-)

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